About APC


Assets Protection Company (APC) is the Security and Safety Division of Saudi Petro Gas Company, a wholly Saudi Company, located in Dhahran - Eastern Province. Being the only company licensed by the Ministry of Interior to provide Security Training, In addition, APC provide security & safety products and services. APC using its state-of-the-art training facility, has contributed for more than a decade in training security and safety professionals of the private and public sectors in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

APC management includes a highly qualified experts who have distinguished themselves during their services with elite organizations and law enforcement agencies such as Saudi Aramco, SABIC and international organization such as ASIS, OSHA, NEBOSH. Their extensive knowledge of the local laws and regulations combined with western oriented experience enables APC to easily adjust and transfer modern techniques to the Saudi end-users. In addition, APC in association with their consultants from North America and Europe provide security consulting services and certifications for Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Physical Security Professional (PSP), Certified Protection Officer (CPO), and Certified Professional Investigator (CPI).

On the other hand, through our specialized experts, who have intensive experience in ship management functions, we are able to give consultancy for any Marine Company or Port Facility in performing the Security Assessments and developing the Security Plans. APC is able to guide them through the process of ISPS certification of port facilities and ships of whatever class, and can also provide specific training courses dealing with the ISPS code, such as: “Introduction to ISPS Code", “ISPS – Ship Security Officer (SSO)”, “ISPS – Company Security Officer (CSO)”, “ISPS – Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)” and “ISPS - Internal Auditor”. In addition, we may consider any tailor-made training according to our customer’s specific needs.

APC in association with leading Specialist Security Companies, provides Canine (K9) Disciplines training and supplies dogs for such activities as search and rescue (SAR) drugs dogs, bomb detection dogs (bomb dogs, bomb sniffing dogs), RASCO, narcotics detection and many other security and detection areas where dedicated dogs can be effectively deployed.